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About Us


Learn about Laced Society, who we are, why we started, and what are mission entails.


Laced Society started as a idea to bridge a gap between art, sneakers and Street Wear/Casual fashion and the people that love and enjoy each respective category. The thing with Laced Society is that not only did we want to create a safe environment, but also a judge-free, communal type environment.A members only club, even a urban country club so to speak.

The thought of LS has been a brewing pot of creative juices, ready to explode but the timing has to be correct. Within the realms of LS we want to talk sneakers, art, fashion, all without the “HYPE” behind certain followings. We also want to provide a safe place for those looking to buy/sell/trade items where there are no worries about losing your life or experiencing harm behind materials. We want to do this for the love and not the hype. We want to host events that cater to the society, and not based on the purpose of buy/sell/ trade!