Frequently Asked Questions from completion time of a custom project to product warranties.

How long does it take for my shoes to be ready?


Usually it takes about 3-4 Weeks for a shoe to be completed, but there are times and circumstances where they may take longer. So we ask that you please wait the allotted 4-5 Weeks before contacting is to us see if your shoes are done. 

Please understand that this just an approximation -  any number of things can happen to cause a delay Artist Mistakes, suppliers stock, etc)  With that being said, more orders go out in under 5 weeks than over.

What are my payment options?

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and ApplePay
We also accept Cash if you are located in the DFW area

What are the best shoes to get customized?

In my personal opinion the best shoes to get customized would be any Retro Jordan, Air Force 1, Air Maxes, Nike Prestos, Vans, Huaraches, NMD's, Shelltoe's, Football Cleats, and Timberland's. Although pretty much any shoe can be customized, and the list of the "Best" shoe forever changes. The easiest thing to do is to go the the "Send In Your Kicks" page, and upload a design and shoe, and we'll be able to discuss the design

How long will it take to get my order

Once the order has shipped it can take up to 5 days domestic. You will be provided with a tracking number and shipping details once orders are on the way

How does the warranty work?


All warranties, returns, exchange, and shipping information can be answered by clicking HERE

How can I track my order?

You will receive a tracking number once the shipment is received by the shipping provider

Entering promo/gift card code?

In the event that you have a promo/gift card code, you will enter it on the checkout page in the appropriate box.

How do I take care of my custom shoes?

The same way you take care of anything delicate, with light care. Custom shoes are intended for light wear, they are essentially wearable art, if they become dirty, clean them lightly with soap, water and a light cloth. Please be aware of the chemicals in the product that you may attempt to use to clean. Some chemicals can eat through the paint, and ruin you shoes. CLEAN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

What if I ordered the wrong size?

Please let us know within 24 hours of ordering if you ordered the wrong size. It is pertinent that you make sure the size you are selecting is the size you need. These are shoes that are custom made for your liking. So there will be NO REFUNDS at this time. Please continue to check back, because things can and will change.

Can I customize clothing or other items?

Yes, but this is dependent on the item, and the design. As of right now this is considered a special order, so you would need to contact us directly HERE

Do the prices include the shoes?

Yes, the prices listed on the website has the shoe included, unless stated otherwise

How do I send in my own shoes?

Go to the "Send In Your Kicks" link and upload a photo of what you are looking to design, once this is received and you have agreed with the designer on the work to be done, you will be provided with the shipping address. You have to pay for shipping to us, we will ship them back to you for FREE

Do you offer military discounts?


Do you have a physical location?

Not at this time, but this is something that is in the works.